Kharkiv Update

The people of Kharkiv are in need of urgent prayers. This attack has caused enormous destruction to the land of Kharkiv. It is dangerous and we are requesting everyone to be strong in their prayers for the refugees, volunteers, churches and many more people who are in the midst of this war.

Today in Kharkiv

One of our friends on the ground in Kharkiv has shared with us what has recently been happening. When there is destruction there is also opportunity for rebuilding, blessing, and growth in faith. We have been able to give out essentials for refugees who are in need. We appreciate those who have donated to the…


The Churches Support

This is one out of the many churches that Good Call Ministries has been supporting in Ukraine. They have graciously opened their doors to serve, provide and minister to the Ukrainian refugees. We continue to pray and assist the churches, volunteers and refugees of Ukraine. 1 Peter 4:10 “As each one has received a special…


Ukraine Update

Hello friends! You all have made it possible to provide necessities for the people of Ukraine who are in dire need. We have been able to utilize our vans, food shelter and a brand new pallet jack! This pallet jack will now be a huge asset to distributing non perishable foods and basic necessities to…


Mobile Kitchen Blessings

The mobile kitchen is open and hard at work. Volunteers from our church have been handing out snacks and non perishables to refugees who have lost their homes. We are preparing to give out hot meals in the near future from our mobile kitchen! Make sure you stay updated either from our blog, Instagram, and/or…


Gathering Together

Hello friends! Good call continues to support financially these gatherings at a local church in Poltava region for the refugees, these gatherings are purposely held every Saturday. The gospel is presented to the people that come, they’re being fed and also given supplies such as; food, clothing, and other necessities are given out to them…


Food Storage Blessings

Dear friends, We are overjoyed with the support for the people of Ukraine. With around-the-clock prayers, hard work and helping hearts from you all we are blessed to now have a warehouse for all of our non-perishable foods. The items stored include canned goods, flours, oils and much more. We are working nonstop to fill…

Celebrating National Kids Day Ukraine

Children’s Day In Ukraine

June 1st was Children’s Day in Ukraine. Our incredible volunteers prepared a big celebration for refugee kids from the war torn regions. We filled two vans full of nutritious fruits, vegetables, and health snacks that were given out along with the Love of Christ. Everyone was so happy and blessed. Thank you all who have…